Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sarah and Duck

Recently I acquired a new addition to my flock.  A baby peeking duck named Zippy.  Zippy was just two days old when he came to our house and at such a young age, I was the "mother" he imprinted.  Zippy slept in my home office.  Zippy came to my work and frolicked in a large tub while I processed paper work.  After work Zips and I would go for a swim in the pool or lounge on the patio together.  He was clearly my duck.

Even more recently I was introduced to a children's animated show, Sarah and Duck.  The intro of the show was silly but it reflected exactly what was happening in my life at the moment.  I am Sarah and I have a duck.

What does this have to do with Its a Gray Area?  Well, the first shot of "my" promo for Sarah and Duck highlights my own Gray Area.  Years after making the transition to silver, I'm still loving every moment.

Enjoy Sarah and Duck.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Clairol Number... 5, was it?

Three years and four months since I stopped dying my hair.

Four years and eight months since I started blogging about my hair.

One year and four months since I last blogged about my hair. (Tsk, tsk.  Shame on me.)

Six months since I was reunited with the reminder box top.  Clairol Number 5.  Amazing the things we find when cleaning out that bottom drawer in the bathroom vanity.

Clairol #5.  My reminder note to myself of which box to buy back in the day.

So much happier without #5 and with my own 50 shades.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Talkin' bout a Revolution

Wow, its been awhile since I've been here and a lot has happened in my journey to going gray.  Too much has happened to mention here.

One thing I want to share is the YouTube video I finally got around to completing which photo-documents my journey from dyed to all natural hair.  The only thing that seemed longer than the actual transition was the compilation of this slide show.

For those of you just entering this journey:  You can definitely do this!

For those of you at the mid-way point:  Hang in there, girl!  It seems like an eternity at this point but trust me when I say its worth the wait and the effort.

For those of you who, like me, have graduated:  You are the women who got me through this and I commend your beautiful souls and beautiful hair.  Let it shine!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Call Me Chicken

They say we eventually look like our pets or is it the other way around? 
Will our pets look like us?

Either way
I have a month old baby Wyandotte chick who is in the process of losing her "fluff" 
sprouting what appears to be some lovely silver outgrowth.  
There are clearly similarities between little silver and copper Alma
and my silver and coppery oxidized ends.
Do I look like my chicken?
Does she look like me?

Friday, April 26, 2013

MORE Magazine 2013 Beauty Search

So I did it.

I got brave

As I come closer to heading into my 50's I realize life is just too short not to "go for it".

I went for it.  I entered the MORE Magazine 2013 Beauty Search Contest.  Its time the Silver Sisters got some Representation. I only wish there were more of us represented here.

If you would, please click on the link below and vote.  While I would love to have you vote for me, I'm also just trying to get the word out.

MORE Magazine Beauty Contest

Thank you,

Sarah Hiers
Silver Sister

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Long and the Short of It

In the three years my husband and I have been together as a couple (dating, engagement and marriage) I have heard the same phrase pop up when ever the discussion turns to a potential trip to the salon for a trim:  I married you with long hair, I'll bury you with long hair.  Keep in mind, this has always been said in jest (as the phrase popped up early in the relationship, long before marriage was even on the table).  If I'm not mistaken, it was a phrase from his youth he repeatedly heard his grandfather say to grandma.

While I know he would never stand in the way of my own personal style choices and this was just his silly way of saying he loved my long hair, I keep the thought in mind.  If he really likes my hair long and I like it, it was worth it for me to keep it long and keep him happy.

That said, I am now 17 months into my transition to all natural silver locks.  While my hair has gotten a bit shorter with each trim I still consider it long. (Just not as long as I thought he likes)  I'm so close to the finish line.  So easily "done" if I would only lop off those last few inches.  But there it is in my head....I married you with long hair....

While I want the transition over (patience has never been my strong suit) I also want my long hair.  I want it for my husband.  I want it for me.  I'm more comfortable with long hair.  I know how to style my long hair. I don't know what to do with short.  And, did I mention I want the transition over?

The other night, out of no where, my adorable husband says to me:  "You look really cute with shorter hair.  Its sophisticated.  Very sexy.  I like it."

Huh?  What happened to burying me with long hair?

The psychological trick I was using to get me through my transition vanished!!!  Knowing my husband loved my long hair gave me the patience to wait out the transition and now I felt dropped on my head!

What to do?  What to do?  Start 2013 out with a new, sassy short do?  

Or hang in there for the long haul?
Stay tuned and see where I land....

Friday, December 28, 2012

The Stars Align...when you really need it. AKA Jesus Moment

For the last few months (I hate to admit) that I had felt lost.

Something had been missing and I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  I didn't know what I needed.  I didn't know what would help.  All I knew was that something wasn't sitting right.

A trip home for the holiday had been planned months in advance and I was excited.  A holiday gathering of cousins was in the making at my planning and I was excited. Some much needed time off was around the corner and I was excited.  A workshop with me at the helm was on the table and I was excited.  And yet, I still felt lost. Something was missing

My ability to blog had gone out the window.  Who cares about my hair?  I stopped checking in to my favorite Silver Sister Forum.  They are all fabulous women with stories and I had nothing.  I was lost.

A boost of some sort was clearly needed but one that couldn't be asked for.

While home for my world wind trip through the holiday over and over I hear about the infamous Jesus Moment.  My sister has had them.  My cousins have had them.  I'm sure I have had them but just didn't know what to call it.

Then, out of no where it happens.  The thing I've long since given up hearing.  The thing that only happens to my other silver sister.  Acknowledgement.  Unadulterated, un-provoked acknowdelgement.  My own Jesus Moment

A cherished cousin approaches me well into a gathering of family and is in awe of my decision to go gray.   After a big, warm hug, I am applauded for being brave, for embracing the real me.  I'm told I have a new sex appeal.  I'm told I'm more real and approachable.  And best yet, they have been waiting to meet the real me.  I've been hidden and shy for too long.  They have met the real me and they love it.

The stars and cousins align when you need them most....